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The Career Adulting Podcast

Mar 22, 2023

In this quick episode, Carlo discusses fake job ads, why they exist, how to determine if they are fake and some techniques to blast through the fake ads and find out which one's are the real deal..

Mar 8, 2023

In this episode, Carlo and Lindsey talk about how to take practical action in your job to increase your value to your company and set yourself up for more pay. 

Feb 16, 2023

So your boss, or another leader has asked you take on additional responsibilities at work, or to take a completely different job "temporarily".

Should you immediately say yes, so they will like you and you will feel accepted, or perhaps, ask a few questions to find out more about this "temporary role"?

Listen and find...

Jan 31, 2023

In this episode, Carlo talks about why we feel uncomfortable bragging about ourselves and why it is your responsibility to do so  - for yourself as well as for people around you. 


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Jan 10, 2023

In this episode, Carlo discusses how to objectively evaluate your latest salary increase (if you received one), where do you fall on the scale. Why non-compete agreements are back in the news and how they keep salaries artificially lower and lastly, if you are looking for a new job in 2023, but need to stay in your...