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The Career Adulting Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

Carlo shares his notes from a conversation that he had with a high powered recruiter that will make you easier to hire, get more interviews and get more offers.

Mar 24, 2022

Carlo and Lindsay talk about how to best prepare in advance for your performance review, so that it is (nearly) stress-free and so you can feel more confident and prepared. 

Mar 15, 2022

Carlo discusses why following your passion is a fool's game and will never lead you to your "dream job"..

Mar 9, 2022

What happens when you are offered a salary that is less than what you were told it would be and is lower than the "Market" rate for the job. You basically have two options. Carlo discusses how to handle both those options and how to put yourself in the position to save face and to increase that offer if possible. 

Mar 4, 2022

Carlo interviews Asha, who has successfully navigated through several career twists and turns from corporate executive to now, today being a very successful business consultant. 

This is informative and inspirational.